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Why Mortgage Leaders and Top Producers Love MMG

"MMG's approach to providing information about the industry is excellent."

Rob Chrisman
Capital Markets Consultant

"The narrative, in layman's terms"

...rather than too much technical info so I can share it with partners in the next conversation."

Mark Raskin
Branch Manager

"Part of my toolkit for 22 years"

"The team has become my partners. We've been able to help many clients because of the data provided by MMG."

Rob Denning
Guild Mortgage

"We use it every single day."

"We send MMG Weekly to all of our partners...Thank you for educating me so I can educate our clients."

Linda Davidson
Branch Manager
Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

"We start and end our day with MMG."

"We surveyed our Loan Officers about the tools they rely on the most. Tabrasa's tools received high marks."

TJ Kennedy
Executive Vice President
Universal Lending Corporation

"Use Tabrasa. They're fantastic."

"I wouldn't be who I am and able to educate our members without Bill and his team. MMG Daily is perfect."

Peter Benjamin
American Credit Union Mortgage Association

"I've been with MMG for 20 years"

"MMG...consistent, never ending value and advice. Allows you to bring huge value to the marketplace.

Jim McMahan
Benchmark Mortgage

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A message from the MMG Team

Since 2001, we have helped thousands of mortgage originators and top producers with daily, real-time and actionable insights. I think the most popular comment I have heard through the years is "you make it so easy to understand" or "it's simple to grasp and share - my realtors love it - it makes me look smart". Hearing those sorts of comments from so many members, many of which I consider friends, makes what we do meaningful. MMG attracts the best producers and people in mortgage and housing industry and I'm grateful for it.

Bill Bodnar

Chief Market Analyst

Tabrasa, LLC

Customer Testimonials

“We’d be lost without MMG! ”

“Our whole team relies on your expertise and insight. We use MMG’s info to shape our communication and interaction with our members, realtor and builder partners daily. Thanks a million!”

Elizabeth Million
SVP Mortgage
Elevations Credit Union

"We all need it in today’s crazy marketplace!“

“For over a decade we have appreciated and trusted MMG daily! Our branch office is #1 in purchase lending and the full lending team now subscribes to Bill Bodnar’s updates!"

Sue and Dave Schwab
Evergreen Home Loans

"Every mortgage professional needs MMG"

"Regardless of the operating environment, this is information that we all need to fully understand the constantly changing market. Not a single day goes by where opening and following MMG is not on my “to do” list.

Joe Staub
National Sales Manager
Tidewater Mortgage Services, Inc.